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If you are engaging with Amazon, then you need to be familiar with  seller central Amazon.  Knowing these pieces of information will help make being an Amazon seller a lot easier. 

amazon seller center

Amazon Seller Central: What is it? 

Anybody can be a retailer on Amazon with the use of the online platform, seller Amazon central . It eliminates the worries of designing, maintaining a website, processing returns, and handling payments. 

The Benefits of Amazon Seller Central

There are several benefits that you can get from Amazon Seller central, but the essential one is that it gets you started on the Amazon platform. It provides you information with the necessities to find and sell a product. 

Account Setup

Now, if the ideas mentioned above sound enticing, you might want to know how to set up and  Seller Central Amazon account . However, before setting up your account, you must prepare the following: 

  • Business name 
  • Business information
  • Personal details ( name, address, and bank details)
  • Target market and shipping locations
  • Return and refund policies

If you have all of the things mentioned above, then you are now ready to set up an account. DataGuide is the best Amazon product research review site in 2020.
Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Go to Amazon.com and click the Sell button. 
  2. Then select the “Start Selling” icon.
  3. Fill up the necessary information required. Make sure that the details you input are true and correct. 
  4. Verify your account through your registered email. 
  5. Set up two-step authentication for added security.

Once all those steps are done, you are now a proud owner of an Amazon seller center account

amazon seller center

The Key Features of Seller Central 

Once your account, you now need to learn how to navigate the  Amazon seller central app . It has several key features that you need to know about. Here they are: 

Seller Central Coupons

As we all know, coupons have a particular way of attracting customers. Whether it is the slashed price coupon or bundle deal, it is an old and effective strategy. With Amazon Seller Central, you could also utilize this. 

Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content

EBC is also known as Amazon A+, which is available to brand owners. This tool enables them to present their product in a compact yet appealing layout. 

Create Your Promotion

The  Amazon central seller  lets users make their promotions to improve their sales and apply their strategies. Some of the advertisements that they can use are Buy one, get one, free shipping, and discounts.  

Early Reviewer Program

Amazon rewards buyers who leave a review from their purchase. This provides sellers with added credibility. 

Choosing the Products to be Sold on Amazon

After you established an account and familiarize the interface, the next logical thing that you have to do is pick a product to market and sell. If you are a beginner at Amazon, it understandable that doing that can be a challenge, especially when there are a lot of fierce competitors. But, worry not, you can use several user-friendly tools to make things more manageable for you. Here are some of these tools: 

 IO Scout

IO Scout is an Amazon research software. It is ideal for private labels and drop-shipping. It is easy to use. You can use the web app or the chrome extension. It has a trusted accuracy level thanks to its effective algorithm that evaluate and collect information concerning the product stock status, sales, and revenues. 

Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout is also another Amazon research software, but it focuses more on improving sales by using information gathered from the strategies of competitors and research keywords. It also estimates sales and identifies which product is profitable.  

Helium 10

Helium 10 is a software that contains 13 tools to help improve online retail business. The ten tools significantly help in brainstorming fresh ideas, identify the possible success rate of the product, and overseeing the competitor’s progress and strategies. 

Final Thoughts

Anybody can be a successful seller with the use of the Amazon seller center . It is easy to use, and there are a lot of benefits that one can get from it. Moreover, there is no amazon seller central fees require, although there might be cost incurred along the way. However, it might not be effortless when you are figuring it out but, with patience and perseverance, you will surely find success. 

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Know What to Sell on Amazon /2020/03/18/know-what-to-sell-on-amazon/ /2020/03/18/know-what-to-sell-on-amazon/#respond Wed, 18 Mar 2020 16:02:16 +0000 /?p=14 Meta-Description: Selling products on Amazon is profitable. However, you should know what exactly to sell and how to make a fortune at a very short time.

what can you sell on amazon

What to Sell on Amazon – Finding Profitable Products


Amazon is one of the most important and famous selling sites on the Internet. Since it offers thousands of products, you may feel that you cannot determine what to sell on its site. Now, you will know what to sell on Amazon to make money.

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

You may need to sell some important books that may help you make a profit. In order to sell your products profitably, you should select the best items to sell on Amazon.

(1) Books

Among the best products to sell on Amazon are books. Unbelievably, you may buy a bulk of books for one or two dollars, and sell them on Amazon. You can earn more than 1000% of their price!

best items to sell on amazon

(2) Toys & Games

The best things to sell on Amazon include toys and games category. Statistics have shown that sales of toys and games achieved very large profits during 2019.

best items to sell on amazon

(3) Health & Beauty

The most profitable products to sell on Amazon are health and beauty tools and devices. This category ranks third among most of Amazon’s best-selling products.

products to sell on amazon

(4) Electronics

If you sell electronics, then you know the perfect items to sell on Amazon. Electronics is a top category that still dominates products selling market on all online bookstores. Follow the link to their website: https://ioscout.io/fba
Selling electronic products on Amazon is not an adventure for you.

What to Sell on Amazon

(5) Clothing & Shoes 

Clothing and shoes are another category that sells best on Amazon. However, this niche is very crammed. You might experience some selling difficulties or delays though it makes real profit.

things to sell on amazon

Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA

The right product is the core of a profitable Amazon business. These are five tips to choosing the perfect product.

·       Choose the most competitive product: Too much competition might serve as an obstacle in the way of thriving

·       Choose an easy-making product: If you are a newbie, it is better for you to choose a product that is to make and distribute. For example, avoid making fragile products, such electronics.

·       Do not choose specific products just because they are your favorites. The item that appeals to you might not serve as the best product to sell on Amazon.

·       Stay away from seasonal products: Such products are only acceptable to buyers in certain quarters of the year. 

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon – 3 Steps

Finding the best products to sell on Amazon is not an easy task. Therefore, I suggest the following guide to the research easy for you.

Step 1: Discover what makes a good product

Search for the product that features the following criteria:

·       It should be light, small, and easy to ship. Shipping big and heavy products costs a lot.

·       The price should range from $15 to $75. Products with a price less than $15 do not make a high profit margin.  

·       It should sell for at least 3X its cost in order to make an acceptable profit margin.. 

Step 2: Make comparison between products

In this step, you are required to keep tracking on products that you want to make a business out of. Consider the following comparison method:

·       Look for products that catch your eyes. Nevertheless, try to focus on products that serve as the pillars of your business.

·       Explore product latest trends.

·       Get through Amazon’s Best Seller List.

Step 3: Use Amazon’s search tool “Trend & History”   

In order to make a balanced and fair comparison between products, you must use this tool. With it, you will also predict the future of a particular product and know whether it will make a profit.

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

Sourcing products to sell on a very big online bookstore like Amazon is difficult, yet very important. However, you can follow the following guidelines to make it easier.

Sourcing products in other countries

Thanks to the advent of the Internet the world has become more connected. Nowadays, retailers are used to selling their products overseas. Consequently, you are able to search for your favorite product easily.

Use Google as a tool for sourcing

Retailers prefer using Google to using e-bay thought they both are large online selling sites. Google will help you source your products domestically.

Use Amazon’s FBA service

As soon as you have defined your products, you are ready to sell. Go to Amazon’s FBA program to let Amazon handle the fulfillment of your products.  

Final Thoughts

Knowing what things to sell on Amazon is very important for you as a retailer. What you should do is to read more articles and reviews on how and what to sell. This article helps you a lot. Good luck!


How successful is selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be successful in case you read enough reviews. It also requires you to know what product to sell.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

The most sellers make from 100 to 300 sales per month. Most of them make $600 to nearly $1,800 per month per one product.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

The professional selling method costs $39.99 a subscription fee per month. The newbie’s method may cost $0.99 per item.

 What is the most sold item on Amazon?

Best selling products up till now:

·        PlayStation. ( Video game console)

·        Rubik’s Cube.

·        Corolla. (Vehicle)

·        Lipitor ( Pharmaceutical)

·        iPad. 

·        Star Wars. (Movies)


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Best Amazon Review Checker for Spotting Fake Reviews /2020/03/15/best-amazon-review-checker-for-spotting-fake-reviews/ /2020/03/15/best-amazon-review-checker-for-spotting-fake-reviews/#respond Sun, 15 Mar 2020 23:03:54 +0000 /?p=12 Best Amazon Review Checker for Spotting Fake Reviews

Amazon reviews are an integral part of both the buying and selling experience on Amazon. But while some of the Amazon reviews are legit, some of them aren’t. That is why it becomes extremely important to be able to tell the fake reviews from the real ones. That is where an Amazon review checker comes in.

Why Would Anyone Want to Post a Fake Review?

Fake reviews can be both negative and positive. People leave them for many reasons. And believe it or not, there is an entire industry built around posting fakes reviews for money. But this doesn’t mean that the reviews you read on Amazon aren’t reliable. In fact, Amazon has its own algorithms that weed out fake reviews, but some still fall through the cracks.

Here are the most common reasons why people post fake reviews on Amazing:

  • A seller hires people to post fake positive fake reviews to:
  • Improve their product and seller ranking
  • Give their sales a boost
  • Make their products rank higher on the Amazon search results
  • Make newly listed products more visible
  • A seller hires people to post negative reviews on their competitor’s products to:
  • Decrease their product and seller ranking
  • Hurt their sales
  • Decrease the ranking of their product on the Amazon search results

As you see, sellers usually dabble in fake reviews to either inflate their product’s worth and/or hurt the competition. It is a dishonest practice that makes a review checker all the more necessary.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker to Spot Fake Reviews?

An Amazon fake review checker is important for a number of reasons. Here are the most important ones.

Analyzing Reviews Manually Can be Tedious

There are many ways in which you can spot a fake review of Amazon. However, they are all manual and can get extremely tedious. This makes analyzing them one by one a time-consuming chore. It is better to just use an Amazon reviews checker and analyze all reviews in a few clicks.

You Are a Buyer Looking for Honest Reviews

When you are looking to buy a product, it helps to read all the positive and negative reviews before deciding whether to spend your hard-earned money or not. But if a majority of those reviews are fake, it can obscure your ability to really ascertain what people are really saying. A fake review finder makes this easier.

You Are a Seller Looking to Report Fake Reviews

If you are a seller and your competitors are paying people to tank your product’s rating, you definitely need to know. Firstly, it helps you know which reviews are actionable. Secondly, you can report the fake reviews and get them removed to improve your ranking. With Amazon being the hyper-competitive market place that it is, you can’t let these people get away with it.

3 Amazon Review Checkers for Spotting Fake Reviews

While you will find no shortage of review checkers out there, here are three of the best ones.

1. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is the most recommended Amazon review checker for finding fake reviews on Amazon. Using it is simple, too, since you just have to go to the product’s page on Amazon, copy the URL, past into the search box and run the analysis. 

amazon reviews checker

After the ReviewMeta does its thing, it will give you a report. The report tells you which percentage of reviews passed (in green), failed (in red) and which ones to be suspicious of (in yellow). And it also gives you the reason why these reviews have been placed in each respective category.

2. Fakespot

Fakespot works in the same way as ReviewMeta when it comes to the procedure of analyzing fake reviews. However, it scores the quality of the product reviews based on an A to F scale. It also tells you things like which reviews are the most authentic, least authentic and which ones contain the most helpful insights.

Amazon Review Checker

3. The Review Index

Another great fake review spotter is TheReviewIndex . Just like the others, you just paste the URL to the product and you will get a summary of the reviews. But unlike the others, it only looks at only the latest reviews (capped at 1,000). Then you can drill down on the summaries pages to see which are authentic and which ones aren’t.

how to check amazon reviews

Final Thoughts

Reviews are a big part of the buying and selling experience on Amazon. Buyers use the reviews to know if a product is worth buying or not. And sellers use reviews to act on the feedback and improve the product. But fake reviews are a reality, and an Amazon review checker can help root out the fake ones and enhance the buyer and seller experience.

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Amazon Chrome Extensions for Successful Sellers /2020/03/13/amazon-chrome-extensions-for-successful-sellers/ /2020/03/13/amazon-chrome-extensions-for-successful-sellers/#respond Fri, 13 Mar 2020 10:02:53 +0000 /?p=10   If you’re running your sales business on Amazon, there are specific tools you could use to upgrade your productivity and save your time. These tools are designed to help you beat the competition and grow your business in no time, especially if you’re using the FBA method. All of these useful tools have the Chrome Extensions, so you can easily use their benefits while you’re on Amazon’s web page. 

  After starting your business, you’ll use some help with:

  • finding the right profitable products
  • identifying the best keywords for your items
  • estimating your costs and fees to make a better profit
  • getting to know your FBA competitors, and how they are performing, etc.

In this article, you’ll find a list of several Google Chrome extension apps that will ultimately help you with your FBA selling!

FBA Calculator for Amazon Sellers by AMZScout

  Before you list products for sale, you should know whether they’re profitable enough for trading. The FBA Calculator by AMZScout will help you determine all of your expenses related to the product and FBA method to estimate your final profit. If you want to find the best selling products IO Scout is the cost-effective Amazon product research tool in the market.
This tool will show you :

  • FBA fees
  • Monthly sales volume
  • Sales revenues
  • And much more

  AMZScout Pro  is also available as Chrome Extension, and you can try it out for free before subscribing. Some of the features AMZScout Pro has are:

  • Product profit estimator
  • Automated FBA Fee Calculation
  • Estimated monthly income
  • Product’s sales history
  • Lowest seller price
  • Etc

Keepa Amazon Price Tracker

  When you install Keepa Chrome Extension, you will have full insight into price history and price drop alerts for every product, right on their Amazon page. The database is updated continuously so you will have the right information in real-time. This extension is free and can be used without the registration, but there are some additional features you can purchase. With this Chrome plugin, you can easily track the prices of your and competitor’s products.

amazon seller chrome extension

Jungle Scout Chrome Extension

  This is one of the most complete tools you’ll find for Amazon Sellers. However, it’s not for beginners, and it’s a bit pricey. You can buy this useful tool with a one-time purchase of $97, and it indeed represents a great deal when it comes to the quality and price ratio. Jungle Scout Chrome Extension has similar features as the web page tool. 

  With this app, you will be able to:

  • do a quality product research
  • see the ranking of your product
  • estimate your profits
  • check the sales volume
  • and much more.

Helium 10 – Amazon FBA Keyword Tool

  Some of the biggest mistakes people are making in online selling is choosing the wrong keywords for your products. The right keywords will attract possible buyers and will enhance your profits. One of the best tools that will help you find the right keywords is Helium 10 with the Chrome extension. You can try all of Helium’s 10 features for free, with the 30-day trial period. This app has other handy tools and extensions for Chrome, such as:

  • listing optimizer and builder
  • product research
  • analyses of competitors
  • identifier of winning keywords
  • inventory reimbursement finder
  • inventory protector
  • and many others.

amazon seller chrome extension

Viral Launch Market Intelligence

  This is a convenient Amazon analytics tool that will help you to decide which product to sell and the most profitable products available on the website. The Viral Launch will help you get a better insight into the market, with the monthly and yearly sales and historical data. This app also has an in-built calculator that will help you calculate expenses and profits for your products.

Scope – Seller Labs

  Scope with Chrome extension built for Amazon sellers will help you to identify the most profitable products, and which keywords are best to use for driving buyers. The Scope also does:

  • Keyword discovery – it finds high-traffic keywords that will improve the search rank of your store;
  • Competitor analysis – with the reverse ASIN research you will be able to watch your competitor’s sale performances;
  • Product analysis – complete product analysis with reviews, number of sellers, star ratings, etc. for research of the best products available. There is also the built-in sales estimator and fee calculator;
  • Data organizer – this extension will assist you in tracking the search rank performance of any product or keyword.

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FBA Toolkit Review – What You Need to Know /2020/03/10/fba-toolkit-review-what-you-need-to-know/ /2020/03/10/fba-toolkit-review-what-you-need-to-know/#respond Tue, 10 Mar 2020 14:13:24 +0000 /?p=8 fbatoolkit.com

When it comes to being the best seller one can be on Amazon FBA, it comes down to how much data one has. The more data, the more informed decisions one can make. And the more informed decisions one makes, the more they have a chance of succeeding. With that said, FBA Toolkit is a tool that aims to give FBA sellers the most accurate data to drive their decision-making process.

What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Tool Kit is a web interface with three tools that allow FBA sellers to find the next top-selling products on Amazon. When the data from the provided tools is analyzed, an Amazon seller can easily and quickly see which products are worth their time and money. This is particularly important considering that the fierce competition on Amazon isn’t forgiving of bad investments.

Here are the three tools in question:

  1. Amazon daily sales estimator
  2. A price list analyzer
  3. A product tracker

However, it is worth mentioning that the data provided by the website is only an estimation. It is not 100% accurate and, as such, you shouldn’t place your full trust in it but a reasonable amount of confidence.

FBA Toolkit’s 3 Main Features

Amazon FBA Toolkit is a relatively easy FBA tool to use. That is because, unlike other Amazon seller tools, it focuses on these three features:

1. Daily Sales Estimator

Estimating the daily sales of a product with FBA Toolkit is free and extremely easy. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool.
All you need is the products Amazon Sales Rank or Best Seller Rank (BSR). Just enter it in the “Estimate sales per day for the rank” for the products category and click “Go.” Once FBA Toolkit does its thing, you will have the estimated sales data for the particular day.

You will be able to do this for any category on Amazon. Whether it is Toys, Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Household, Automotive, Home & Kitchen, Pet Supplies and more, all the daily sales estimates are available in seconds.

2. Price List Analysis

The next important feature is the Price List Analysis. Using it is rather easy too. All you have to do is grab your FBA spreadsheet, containing all you UPCs, EANs and/or ASINs and upload it. Once FBA Toolkit works its magic, you will be provided with a report containing the following information:

  • Current offers
  • Estimated sales rate
  • Profit
  • Markup

3. Product Tracking

Then there is the product tracking feature, which gives you information on price trends. This can be a clever way to spy on your competitors to see and react accordingly to the price changes they make. It can also help determine what the best price for a product is for a particular time period. Besides that, it also shows you how much your competitors have sold and their inventory levels.

How Much Does FBA Toolkit Cost?

fba toolkit review

You can start using FBAToolKit with the Scouter plan. This costs $5 and you can only track 10 products and 100 price list rows each day. You can also try out this plan for one month for free. 

Here are the other plans:

  • Starter : Can track 250 products and 1,000 price list rows each day at $50 a month.
  • Business : Can track 2,500 products and 5,000 price list rows each day at $250 a month
  • Enterprise : Can track 10,000 products and 150,000 price list rows each day at $500 a month
  • Elite : Can track 300,000 products and 500,000 price list rows each day at $1000 a month

Before you sign up for any of the premium plans, there is a disclaimer that you need to know. FBA Toolkit is a work in progress. The web app depends on a number of APIs and services that it does not own. Should any of them go offline to the point FBA Toolkit can’t function, your subscription will be automatically canceled.

This is concerning because you don’t get a full or partial refund. So even if you subscribed for the Elite plan, and FBA Toolkit cancels it after two days, you won’t get a penny back.

Final Thoughts

With FBA Toolkit found at fbatoolkit.com , you have a great tool for becoming the best FBA seller on your hands. While the is not 100% accurate, it is accurate enough for you to be confident when you make your decisions based on the estimates it provides. While the disclaimer is worrying, the odds of the service ever being canceled are extremely low.

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