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Amazon is one of the most important and famous selling sites on the Internet. Since it offers thousands of products, you may feel that you cannot determine what to sell on its site. Now, you will know what to sell on Amazon to make money.

What are the Top Selling Categories on Amazon?

You may need to sell some important books that may help you make a profit. In order to sell your products profitably, you should select the best items to sell on Amazon.

(1) Books

Among the best products to sell on Amazon are books. Unbelievably, you may buy a bulk of books for one or two dollars, and sell them on Amazon. You can earn more than 1000% of their price! Read useful IO Scout’s article about how to earn a lot of money selling books on Amazon tips and tricks.

what sells well on amazon

(2) Toys & Games

The best things to sell on Amazon include toys and games category. Statistics have shown that sales of toys and games achieved very large profits during 2020.

good items to sell on amazon

(3) Health & Beauty

The most profitable products to sell on Amazon are health and beauty tools and devices. This category ranks third among most of Amazon’s best-selling products.

what can you sell on amazon

(4) Electronics

If you sell electronics, then you know the perfect items to sell on Amazon. Electronics is a top category that still dominates products selling market on all online bookstores. Selling electronic products on Amazon is not an adventure for you.

good items to sell on amazon

(5) Clothing & Shoes 

Clothing and shoes are another category that sells best on Amazon. However, this niche is very crammed. You might experience some selling difficulties or delays though it makes real profit.

popular products to sell on amazon

Choosing What to Sell on Amazon FBA

The right product is the core of a profitable Amazon business. These are five tips to choosing the perfect product.

·       Choose the most competitive product: Too much competition might serve as an obstacle in the way of thriving

·       Choose an easy-making product: If you are a newbie, it is better for you to choose a product that is to make and distribute. For example, avoid making fragile products, such electronics.

·       Do not choose specific products just because they are your favorites. The item that appeals to you might not serve as the best product to sell on Amazon.

·       Stay away from seasonal products: Such products are only acceptable to buyers in certain quarters of the year. 

Finding the Best Products to Sell on Amazon – 3 Steps

Finding the best products to sell on Amazon is not an easy task. Therefore, I suggest the following guide to the research easy for you.

Step 1: Discover what makes a good product

Search for the product that features the following criteria:

·       It should be light, small, and easy to ship. Shipping big and heavy products costs a lot.

·       The price should range from $15 to $75. Products with a price less than $15 do not make a high profit margin.  

·       It should sell for at least 3X its cost in order to make an acceptable profit margin.. 

Step 2: Make comparison between products

In this step, you are required to keep tracking on products that you want to make a business out of. Consider the following comparison method:

·       Look for products that catch your eyes. Nevertheless, try to focus on products that serve as the pillars of your business.

·       Explore product latest trends.

·       Get through Amazon’s Best Seller List.

Step 3: Use Amazon’s search tool “Trend & History”   

In order to make a balanced and fair comparison between products, you must use this tool. With it, you will also predict the future of a particular product and know whether it will make a profit.

Sourcing Products to Sell on Amazon

Sourcing products to sell on a very big online bookstore like Amazon is difficult, yet very important. However, you can follow the following guidelines to make it easier.

Sourcing products in other countries

Thanks to the advent of the Internet the world has become more connected. Nowadays, retailers are used to selling their products overseas. Consequently, you are able to search for your favorite product easily.

Use Google as a tool for sourcing

Retailers prefer using Google to using e-bay thought they both are large online selling sites. Google will help you source your products domestically.

Use Amazon’s FBA service

As soon as you have defined your products, you are ready to sell. Go to Amazon’s FBA program to let Amazon handle the fulfillment of your products.  

Final Thoughts

Knowing what things to sell on Amazon is very important for you as a retailer. What you should do is to read more articles and reviews on how and what to sell. This article helps you a lot. Good luck!


How successful is selling on Amazon?

Selling on Amazon can be successful in case you read enough reviews. It also requires you to know what product to sell.

How much can Amazon sellers make?

The most sellers make from 100 to 300 sales per month. Most of them make $600 to nearly $1,800 per month per one product.

What does it cost to sell on Amazon?

The professional selling method costs $39.99 a subscription fee per month. The newbie’s method may cost $0.99 per item.

 What is the most sold item on Amazon?

Best selling products up till now:

·         PlayStation (Video game console)

·         Rubik’s Cube

·         Corolla (Vehicle)

·        Lipitor (Pharmaceutical)

·        iPad

·         Star Wars (Movies)

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