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Best Amazon Review Checker for Spotting Fake Reviews

Amazon reviews are an integral part of both the buying and selling experience on Amazon. But while some of the Amazon reviews are legit, some of them aren’t. That is why it becomes extremely important to be able to tell the fake reviews from the real ones. That is where an Amazon review checker comes in.

Why Would Anyone Want to Post a Fake Review?

Fake reviews can be both negative and positive. People leave them for many reasons. And believe it or not, there is an entire industry built around posting fakes reviews for money. But this doesn’t mean that the reviews you read on Amazon aren’t reliable. In fact, Amazon has its own algorithms that weed out fake reviews, but some still fall through the cracks.

Here are the most common reasons why people post fake reviews on Amazing:

  • A seller hires people to post fake positive fake reviews to:
  • Improve their product and seller ranking
  • Give their sales a boost
  • Make their products rank higher on the Amazon search results
  • Make newly listed products more visible
  • A seller hires people to post negative reviews on their competitor’s products to:
  • Decrease their product and seller ranking
  • Hurt their sales
  • Decrease the ranking of their product on the Amazon search results

As you see, sellers usually dabble in fake reviews to either inflate their product’s worth and/or hurt the competition. It is a dishonest practice that makes a review checker all the more necessary.

Why Do You Need an Amazon Review Checker to Spot Fake Reviews?

An Amazon fake review checker is important for a number of reasons. Here are the most important ones.

Analyzing Reviews Manually Can be Tedious

There are many ways in which you can spot a fake review of Amazon. However, they are all manual and can get extremely tedious. This makes analyzing them one by one a time-consuming chore. It is better to just use an Amazon reviews checker and analyze all reviews in a few clicks.

You Are a Buyer Looking for Honest Reviews

When you are looking to buy a product, it helps to read all the positive and negative reviews before deciding whether to spend your hard-earned money or not. But if a majority of those reviews are fake, it can obscure your ability to really ascertain what people are really saying. A fake review finder makes this easier.

You Are a Seller Looking to Report Fake Reviews

If you are a seller and your competitors are paying people to tank your product’s rating, you definitely need to know. Firstly, it helps you know which reviews are actionable. Secondly, you can report the fake reviews and get them removed to improve your ranking. With Amazon being the hyper-competitive market place that it is, you can’t let these people get away with it.

3 Amazon Review Checkers for Spotting Fake Reviews

While you will find no shortage of review checkers out there, here are three of the best ones.

1. ReviewMeta

ReviewMeta is the most recommended Amazon review checker for finding fake reviews on Amazon. Using it is simple, too, since you just have to go to the product’s page on Amazon, copy the URL, past into the search box and run the analysis. 

amazon reviews checker

After the ReviewMeta does its thing, it will give you a report. The report tells you which percentage of reviews passed (in green), failed (in red) and which ones to be suspicious of (in yellow). And it also gives you the reason why these reviews have been placed in each respective category.

2. Fakespot

Fakespot works in the same way as ReviewMeta when it comes to the procedure of analyzing fake reviews. However, it scores the quality of the product reviews based on an A to F scale. It also tells you things like which reviews are the most authentic, least authentic and which ones contain the most helpful insights.

Amazon Review Checker

3. The Review Index

Another great fake review spotter is TheReviewIndex . Just like the others, you just paste the URL to the product and you will get a summary of the reviews. But unlike the others, it only looks at only the latest reviews (capped at 1,000). Then you can drill down on the summaries pages to see which are authentic and which ones aren’t.

how to check amazon reviews

Final Thoughts

Reviews are a big part of the buying and selling experience on Amazon. Buyers use the reviews to know if a product is worth buying or not. And sellers use reviews to act on the feedback and improve the product. But fake reviews are a reality, and an Amazon review checker can help root out the fake ones and enhance the buyer and seller experience.

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