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When it comes to being the best seller one can be on Amazon FBA, it comes down to how much data one has. The more data, the more informed decisions one can make. And the more informed decisions one makes, the more they have a chance of succeeding. With that said, FBA Toolkit is a tool that aims to give FBA sellers the most accurate data to drive their decision-making process.

What is FBA Toolkit?

FBA Tool Kit is a web interface with three tools that allow FBA sellers to find the next top-selling products on Amazon. When the data from the provided tools is analyzed, an Amazon seller can easily and quickly see which products are worth their time and money. This is particularly important considering that the fierce competition on Amazon isn’t forgiving of bad investments.

Here are the three tools in question:

  1. Amazon daily sales estimator
  2. A price list analyzer
  3. A product tracker

However, it is worth mentioning that the data provided by the website is only an estimation. It is not 100% accurate and, as such, you shouldn’t place your full trust in it but a reasonable amount of confidence.

FBA Toolkit’s 3 Main Features

Amazon FBA Toolkit is a relatively easy FBA tool to use. That is because, unlike other Amazon seller tools, it focuses on these three features:

1. Daily Sales Estimator

Estimating the daily sales of a product with FBA Toolkit is free and extremely easy. You better check the IO Scout product tracker for Amazon its very useful tool.
All you need is the products Amazon Sales Rank or Best Seller Rank (BSR). Just enter it in the “Estimate sales per day for the rank” for the products category and click “Go.” Once FBA Toolkit does its thing, you will have the estimated sales data for the particular day.

You will be able to do this for any category on Amazon. Whether it is Toys, Beauty & Personal Care, Health & Household, Automotive, Home & Kitchen, Pet Supplies and more, all the daily sales estimates are available in seconds.

2. Price List Analysis

The next important feature is the Price List Analysis. Using it is rather easy too. All you have to do is grab your FBA spreadsheet, containing all you UPCs, EANs and/or ASINs and upload it. Once FBA Toolkit works its magic, you will be provided with a report containing the following information:

  • Current offers
  • Estimated sales rate
  • Profit
  • Markup

3. Product Tracking

Then there is the product tracking feature, which gives you information on price trends. This can be a clever way to spy on your competitors to see and react accordingly to the price changes they make. It can also help determine what the best price for a product is for a particular time period. Besides that, it also shows you how much your competitors have sold and their inventory levels.

How Much Does FBA Toolkit Cost?

fba toolkit review

You can start using FBAToolKit with the Scouter plan. This costs $5 and you can only track 10 products and 100 price list rows each day. You can also try out this plan for one month for free. 

Here are the other plans:

  • Starter : Can track 250 products and 1,000 price list rows each day at $50 a month.
  • Business : Can track 2,500 products and 5,000 price list rows each day at $250 a month
  • Enterprise : Can track 10,000 products and 150,000 price list rows each day at $500 a month
  • Elite : Can track 300,000 products and 500,000 price list rows each day at $1000 a month

Before you sign up for any of the premium plans, there is a disclaimer that you need to know. FBA Toolkit is a work in progress. The web app depends on a number of APIs and services that it does not own. Should any of them go offline to the point FBA Toolkit can’t function, your subscription will be automatically canceled.

This is concerning because you don’t get a full or partial refund. So even if you subscribed for the Elite plan, and FBA Toolkit cancels it after two days, you won’t get a penny back.

Final Thoughts

With FBA Toolkit found at , you have a great tool for becoming the best FBA seller on your hands. While the is not 100% accurate, it is accurate enough for you to be confident when you make your decisions based on the estimates it provides. While the disclaimer is worrying, the odds of the service ever being canceled are extremely low.

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